To work to preserve mother earth first and foremost; to build a house totally green and off the grid; to build an organic farm based on biodynamic farming principles; to continue to advance his Iyengar yoga and contact improvisational practice; and to continue to serve all living beings through kindness and compassion, as a member of the healing arts community, and as an extra dynamic health educator in an ever expanding world which desperately needs balance restored!!!

Thai teak furniture and art importer Gregg

Just Think Thai Teak

Just Think, Thai Teak is an independently owned rare Thai art and original antique furniture business. Everything I sell is 100% authentic and of top quality! I have items for sale in the Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC areas ,but can ship and move items for a very reasonable flat rate shipping fee anywhere in the USA!!! For more information on ordering and payment, please visit our Contact page.

Who is Gregg Steinberger?

Hi, my name is Gregg Steinberger and I have had a true appreciation for fine furniture since I was a young boy! I was delivering furniture at age 5 in my dad's furniture store in Statesville, NC. My grandfather started that furniture business in 1938 in Statesville, NC, where my entire family was born! In 1966, my dad moved the family to Charlotte, NC! While my dad was commuting to and slaving it out in the store selling middle to lower end furniture in Statesville; my mom was back in Charlotte buying expensive antiques with her rich girlfriends, spending the old mans hard earned money! So, I grew up with fine antiques in our home, but helped deliver the cheaper stuff for our bread and butter; also so my mom could continue her buying sprees! Although the marriage didn't last, interestingly enough, my mom loved the Chinese antiques the most! An Asian seed had been planted!

After graduating high school in 1982 in Charlotte, NC where I grew up, I attended and graduated from Western Carolina University near Asheville, NC in 1988 with a major in communications and a minor in marketing! Upon graduation, I moved to Asheville in 1988, where I worked odd jobs for a short time. While in Asheville, I met my first spiritual teacher, discovered a natural lifestyle of yoga, alternative medicine and healing arts. By 1989, I was back in school in Chapel Hill, NC studying massage at the Body Therapy Institute: my first massage school. While at the Body Therapy Institute, I discovered Japanese Massage called Shiatsu, and upon graduation from there, decided to pursue the study of Shiatsu and Chinese related movement arts and medicine more deeply. I was California bound!

In 1992, I moved to San Francisco, CA, and enrolled in the Shiatsu Institute of San Francisco, where I spent 3 solid years studying: Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage,Tai Chi, Chi Kung, macrobiotic nutrition, and the basics of Chinese Medical Theory. I ended up spending a total of 8 years living and studying in San Francisco, immersing myself in Iyengar Yoga; macrobiotic diet, cooking, and lifestyle; feng shui,rebirthing, breathwork,tai chi, chi kung, and many styles of asian bodywork!! Anything connected to chinese healing arts, I pursued with great passion!! I also maintained a full time bodywork practice in San Francisco during this time, working both from home privately, and in a fancy day spa in Mill Valley, CA--Life was full yet rewarding!! I found my passion and was hungry for knowledge, which I pursued with great intensity!!

While still living in California in 1999, I traveled to Thailand to study further in Thai massage, and trekked in the Himalayas in Nepal for the first time!! I fell in love with Asia immediately!! It was like coming home all over again!! In early 2000, my time was finished in California and I moved back home to North Carolina. In early 2001, I embarked on a 5 year journey backpacking thru 16 different countries, while basing myself out of Thailand. I quickly began immersing myself in Thai culture, having already been practicing buddhism,thai massage and shiatsu for over 9 years in the USA! Thailand just naturally felt like home to me!

In 2005, after what had began as an intended 2 year journey, I completed my 5 year "walkabout" and returned home to the USA! Wow, talk about culture shock!! But I decided that Thailand would be my winter home; so, I began returning each winter thereafter to escape the harsh North Carolina mountain winters and the intensity of American culture!!

Currently, Gregg Steinberger lives in both Burnsville, NC— 45 minutes north of Asheville, and also in Asheville on most weekends,where he frolics and plays with his 2 dance communities Gregg also maintains a private bodywork practice doing traditional Thai medical massage combined with Shiatsu, or Japanese acupressure around the greater Asheville area!!

Gregg is currently pursuing options in getting his own dream house built in the Asheville, NC area. Gregg also continues to be involved with private real estate investments with his family in Charlotte, NC.

His imported Asian teak and redwood furniture can be found only online these days on Ebay.com,at etsy.com,and here on this website!! This website is the best place to purchase whats left of my furniture and there will not be anymore brought in by Gregg!!!

Occasionally Gregg has a few items at Reunions in Bilmore village in Asheville, NC. However,the bulk of his stock can be viewed anytime 45 mins. outside of Charlotte,NC privately and by appointment only.

For free time and pure bliss/fun, Gregg enjoys with great passion regularly Iyengar yoga and meditation; contra/square dancing, free form and contact improvisational dance; organic gardening based on biodynamic principles; macrobiotic, raw, and natural cooking; swimming both in pools and waterfalls, backpacking the NC mountains, long walks in nature, mountain biking; learning to wild craft native herbs; learning to be a better fisherman and kayaker; learning how to be a better listener; learning about alternative green energy and construction, and building community whenever possible.