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Teak furniture and art from ThailandExactly What Is Gold Teak Wood from Thailand?

Thai gold teak wood comes from the S.E. Asian country of Thailand. It is without a question the finest quality teak wood in the world! Thailand has a unique weather pattern for S.E. Asia, where the climate can be quite extreme; very dry in the hot summer season and extremely cold in the winter. The country is also extremely mountainous. At these high altitudes, water is often very scarce, and often dry ,harsh, and cold conditions exist along with extreme, humid, tropical heat in summer! It’s a set up for an overall lack of water!!

Therefore, the old growth teak trees had to grow/drive their roots often through solid rock on the tops and sides of high mountains to reach water in order to survive! This phenomenon created a teak tree that was especially hardy, strong, and resilient. It had to be in order to survive! Because of this fact alone, these trees produced some of the hardest and most beautiful teak wood in the world. The famous “gold teak” was actually taken from only the center of the tree which gave the wood a natural golden, yellow color to it along with an amazingly beautiful “patina” or patterns of lines!! Some of these trees also grew to enormous sizes comparable to our own modern day redwoods of California!

All of the antiques that I have for sale are from Thailand– all mainly from the art deco period (1920’s-1940’s), are made from this rare, high quality gold teak wood!! Most folks have absolutely no idea of the quality or rarity of this gold teak wood!!! It’s now quite rare, expensive, and hard to find good quality original redwood and teak antiques in Thailand or anywhere in SE Asia for that matter. The supply has almost dried up in recent times and there will never be anymore!!

The cutting of old growth teak wood was made illegal in Thailand in the early 1970’s after major deforestation of this precious wood for various uses; especially house and furniture construction since the 1600’s! However, because of vast corruption in Thailand and throughout all of SE Asia, old growth teak wood continues to be cut and harvested illegally; what little is left!! I do not support the illegal cutting of old growth forests in any form or fashion! The all original Thai gold teak furniture I am selling was made from trees cut in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when harvesting was still legal, and made into furniture during the 1920-30’s. I hope you can appreciate this rare gold teak wood as much as I do!!