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Thai Redwood and Teak Benches

Thai Redwood & Thai Teak Benches are made from one piece of wood—reclaimed wood from very old hardwood, teak & redwood trees—there is only ONE simple bench left to choose from!!!!!!see its description and pics below!! it’s a smaller teak bench but very unique!!! these benches are rare because they are made from one piece of old teak or redwood and have been among my best sellers since 2009!!!

*****PLEASE NOTE::: THESE BENCHES WERE MADE FROM RECLAIMED WOOD from 100-YEAR-OLD PLUS DISMANTLED TEAK HOUSES IN NORTHERN THAILAND!! super rare, super expensive and super hard to source these days in Thailand!!!


Thai Teak Bench

Thai Teak Bench made from one piece of wood—reclaimed wood from very old teak houses in northern Thailand!!! These are rare because they are made from one piece of old teak or redwood and only 1 simple benches remain in my stock as of 2015!!


Thai Teakwood Bench is 4-5 ft. long, made from recycled teak wood from 100 yr. old teak houses and is the last small teak benches avail. for sale!!!!grab it while it still exists!!!these are difficult to source now in Thailand!!!

Price: $449.00

Rare, Massive Thai Redwood Dinette Tables

Thailand Redwood Dinette Table is made from one piece of redwood, 9ft long, 3 feet wide, 5-6 inch thick–extremely rare and heavy. The table top, which separates from the base, weighs over 1200 lbs! It comes with a choice of 1 redwood or teakwood bench. This rare redwood is made from trees over 400 years old from Thailand! The legs come from the same tree as the table tops, and were made from one slab of the same redwood as the table top, which I oversaw being cut/made in Thailand in 2009!!!. There is an optional 2nd redwood or teak bench available upon request but will cost extra for a second bench!

These tables are simply an amazing piece of artwork, yet highly functional as a dinette table. They are ideal for a large dining area, corporate business meeting /board rooms, high-end restaurants, or large custom homes/chalets, mansions!!

Shipping is possible, but self-pickup would be optimal. My shipping company can handle easy shipping to any location in the continental USA for very low prices and insured for total sale value!!!

—You must see in person to fully appreciate the beauty of this piece. Located in Charlotte, NC currently!! Custom made-only 1 pieces available to choose from. These tables are no less than spectacular, and made esp. for that large, sweet castle you call HOME or the boardroom of your corporation you call JOB!!!—

Dimensions: 10 ft. long by 3 ft. wide by 5-6 in. thick. The slab tops alone weigh over 1200 lbs!! the two legs weigh in at roughly 300 lbs!!!

Price: $9,000.00


Chinese Influenced Thai Teak Dragon Bench

Chinese Influenced Thai Teak Dragon Bench made in Thailand. Chinese influenced black, or natural color teak dragon benches-made from Thai gold teak wood–handmade, rare, unusual, ornate dragon design features 4 dragon heads hand carved into the ornate headboard piece with distinct Chinese flare, amazing hand carved detail.

Please note: the 2 black benches come with cotton green pillows handmade in Thailand, and are very comfortable.These daybenches can serve as a daybed for one person.The 2 black benches can be sold separately or as a set!!A small discount can be offered if purchased as a set!!!

The single natural color dragon bench has been stripped of its black finish, creating a beautiful natural color, displaying the beautiful original gold teak color!! The natural colored dragon bench comes with red silk pillows handmade in Thailand!! —

All 3 benches are very rare & solid original teak wood–a total of 3 pieces available only—get them while they are still available—-they are truly unique, attractive, rare, solid pieces of history+design!!!

The single natural color bench is $1,550.00 ——-The black set is $2,800.00 for both or 1,550.00 for ONE black bench!!!—–these rare well-made dragon benches rock+are quite unique+sweet!!!great for any entryway or living /business areas!!!please inquire to learn more!!