Thai Colonial Teak Showcase

This Thai Colonial Teak Showcase made in Thailand, colonial period, gold teak wood showcase-rare because the top, sides & shelves are all one piece of wood-great as a bookcase or kitchen cabinet or for collectibles–the front, middle portion extends out & has a great extra space on top with raised wooden piece on top–only one avail. *Note: special clearance price at $1,225.00

Thai Art Deco Showcase

This Thai Art Deco Showcase made in Thailand– art deco period–gold teak showcase in a rare, peacock design. It is very large and spacious with a lacquer finish. It would be great as a bookcase or kitchen cabinet The sides are made from wood. The showcase is in excellent mint cond. Only one avail.-$1,495.00

Indonesian Showcase

Here is one of only two available, but different showcases from java Indonesia made from beautiful mahogany wood from the remote island of java!!! This beauty is on the large and heavy side with lots of storage on the inside with spacious shelves !! The doors lock and come with a key!! It is handmade and would be awesome as an amoree for clothes, bookcase or for other home or office storage needs!! Beautiful wood patina definition !!

Height:69 inches

Width:47 1/2 inches

Depth:19 1/2 inches. Inside photos avail upon request!!

Thai Special Buddha Painting

These special and rare Buddha paintings are sized at 39 in. high and 32 in. wide and are priced at:$$450.00 firm—-they are acrylic on canvas medium and all details same as above with other buddhas!!

they come pre-stretched in their current form or can be rolled up in a tube for easy/cheaper shipping—-all original paintings from my friends in northern Thailand around Chiang Mai—grab one while they last—-only a total of like 10-12 paintings left!!read above for more details!!!

Buddha paintings are acrylic on canvas paintings from northern Thailand done by personal artist friends of mine from the Chiang Mai area of northern Thailand, where I lived for 6 yrs.—I have about 10-12 left, already pre-stretched on stretcher bars stretched by myself, but they could easily be removed for very cheap, almost nothing shipping via FedEx!

They are 39 in. high by 32 in. wide, come pre-stretched or not [optional] and my price for each Buddha painting is: again, there exist only a total of 10–12 Buddha paintings to choose from (all that remain from over 30 of them brought back). They are all original and ready to hang, and most people do not frame these paintings.Amazing things can be done to highlight these originals with LED or other modern lighting techniques from the ceiling in front or from the sides of these paintings as the acrylic paints respond quite well to creative lighting systems!


Thai Redwood and Teak Benches

Thai Redwood & Thai Teak Benches are made from one piece of wood—reclaimed wood from very old hardwood, teak & redwood trees—there is only ONE simple bench left to choose from!!!!!!see its description and pics below!! it’s a smaller teak bench but very unique!!! these benches are rare because they are made from one piece of old teak or redwood and have been among my best sellers since 2009!!!

*****PLEASE NOTE::: THESE BENCHES WERE MADE FROM RECLAIMED WOOD from 100-YEAR-OLD PLUS DISMANTLED TEAK HOUSES IN NORTHERN THAILAND!! super rare, super expensive and super hard to source these days in Thailand!!!


Thai Teak Bench

Thai Teak Bench made from one piece of wood—reclaimed wood from very old teak houses in northern Thailand!!! These are rare because they are made from one piece of old teak or redwood and only 1 simple benches remain in my stock as of 2015!!


Thai Teakwood Bench is 4-5 ft. long, made from recycled teak wood from 100 yr. old teak houses and is the last small teak benches avail. for sale!!!!grab it while it still exists!!!these are difficult to source now in Thailand!!!

Price: $449.00

Original Thai Gold Teak Actor Trunks (L)

Medium trunk—-another beautiful example of fine workmanship by hand from the early 1900’s—this gem has all original woodwork which has the thicker wood along with wheels and the highly sought after secret money compartment!!the back lid has spectacular new shiny, green silk, and the flowers are multi-colored pink, white, yellow, and orange!!!the mirror is in excellent cond. and could be new?!!the interesting and quite rare feature of this trunk[and every one of these actors trunks are unique]is that there is a miniature wood carving of an angels wings over the top of the mirror on the inside of the lid, which I have never seen on any of these trunks as though the craftsperson was sending us a message lost in time but not in the wood–wow!!!also has a very unique brass design inlayed on the front—theres something very special,angelic, and magical about this trunk!!!!it measures at 30 in long and 17 1/2 in. wide—-price:$1,550.00

Original Thai Gold Teak Actor Trunks (M)

Large Trunk– this is the last one of only 2 remaining large actors trunks available—-The finish is a darker teak color with the standard brass inlay on front but has great brass quality detail—the trunk has wheels and also the rare secret money compartment, as is common with most large and original trunks!!–the back of the inside of the lid has original black felt and the hatch for the front lock is missing due to its age and original condition, which is not uncommon—often these locks have to be replaced during renovation–this one wasn’t!!! the flowers on inside lid are original white and pink and are in excellent condition–see the pics!!!—the size is: 36 in. long and 20 in. wide—this trunk is very old and all original and in overall excellent condition—-price:$1550.00

Thai Antique Sticky Rice Bowls

Thai Sticky Rice Bowls from northern Thailand –these gems are made from teak and other rare hand-carved hardwoods. They were mainly used to roll up sticky rice balls wrapped in fresh banana leaves by Thai rice farmers in northeast Thailand before heading out into the rice fields each day for a long days work! Alternatively, the bowls were also used to dry various herbs and spices in the sun by day, especially the many varieties of hot chili peppers used by Thai people extensively in their famous spicy Thai cooking!! Every bowl is unique and different, come in various shapes, sizes, and is 80-100 years old.

Most have handles on them; therefore they can be easily hung with string on the wall as a decorative piece, or better yet, put in the middle of dinette tables for condiments or fruit/veggie baskets. They could also be used by the front or back door on an end table for keys, or other misc. household items!! They are rare because there are only a few bowls left in Thailand, especially ones in decent condition; so I grabbed up over 80 of them about 4 years ago when they were still somewhat plentiful!

There are roughly 40 bowls now available.Regular size bowls are priced at $175.00 each——larger sized or more elaborate bowls are priced at $200.00 each—-shipping via FedEx is cheap, safe,easy+quick —

–please contact me for more photos or with specific questions about the remaining available bowls!!!!many updated new photos of available bowls coming in summer of 2014!!! these bowls continue to be great sellers and have become quite scarce and expensive in Thailand!!! please inquire if u want more pics or more info on these now rare and quite hard to find sticky rice bowls from northern Thailand—–all of which were hand picked by me in 2007, and in mint condition—good luck finding bowls like these in this condition anywhere for this price!!!!

Yang Chang Teak Thai Day Bed

Yang Chang Thai Teak Day Beds are made from 60-80-year-old gold teak wood from northern Thailand.In Thailand, the Thai people use these daybeds to work and eat their meals on by day, then at night, they will unroll their thin futon mattresses stored conveniently underneath the daybeds and sleep on these amazingly versatile/functional beauties!! These spectacular day beds are now very rare and in excellent condition. I searched for and handpicked them myself, then completely restored them back to their original mint quality.

This day beds are very heavy and made of solid gold teak wood. It is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide and can sleep one person comfortably or two smaller people! Great for a kids bed too or small teens!!

There is only 1 available—and are fully restored, mint condition lacquered yang chang daybeds!! You can create your own single day pillows for lounging, then use an organic cotton futon as a night sleep mattress!! Pillows and mattress are not included but can easily be made in Asheville, NC or locally made in your area at any custom futon shop!!

PLEASE NOTE: The last remaining lacquered mint condition teak daybed is priced at $2,300.00each—–good luck trying to find these daybeds of this quality ANYWHERE at this PRICE!!!!! This daybed is all original and the real thing!!! It is quite old and was completely restored and overseen by me in Thailand in 2009!!

PLEASE NOTE: only 1 LACQUERED teak yang chang daybeds remains!!! Get this rare, original, mint beauty while it still exists—no more will be brought in by me ever!! It is now extremely rare to find one of them of this quality in northern Thailand, or anywhere, and even more difficult to get them out of Thailand because of their size+weight!!! This one won’t be around long for this discounted price!!

PLEASE NOTE::: as of 2013 during my last visit to Thailand, I found these daybeds to be now super rare and super expensive even in Thailand—great for single beds, esp. on screened in porches for spring, summer, or fall outside sleeping!!!

Get this LAST one while it still exists!!


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