Original Thai Gold Teak Actor Trunks (L)

Medium trunk—-another beautiful example of fine workmanship by hand from the early 1900’s—this gem has all original woodwork which has the thicker wood along with wheels and the highly sought after secret money compartment!!the back lid has spectacular new shiny, green silk, and the flowers are multi-colored pink, white, yellow, and orange!!!the mirror is in excellent cond. and could be new?!!the interesting and quite rare feature of this trunk[and every one of these actors trunks are unique]is that there is a miniature wood carving of an angels wings over the top of the mirror on the inside of the lid, which I have never seen on any of these trunks as though the craftsperson was sending us a message lost in time but not in the wood–wow!!!also has a very unique brass design inlayed on the front—theres something very special,angelic, and magical about this trunk!!!!it measures at 30 in long and 17 1/2 in. wide—-price:$1,550.00