Original Thai Gold Teak Actor Trunks (M)

Large Trunk– this is the last one of only 2 remaining large actors trunks available—-The finish is a darker teak color with the standard brass inlay on front but has great brass quality detail—the trunk has wheels and also the rare secret money compartment, as is common with most large and original trunks!!–the back of the inside of the lid has original black felt and the hatch for the front lock is missing due to its age and original condition, which is not uncommon—often these locks have to be replaced during renovation–this one wasn’t!!! the flowers on inside lid are original white and pink and are in excellent condition–see the pics!!!—the size is: 36 in. long and 20 in. wide—this trunk is very old and all original and in overall excellent condition—-price:$1550.00