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Java Indonesian Teak Dinette Table

This sweet Java beauty is the last teak dinette table left in my inventory and there won’t be any more available from me! The table is handmade from very solid teak planks which were sustainably grown on an Eco-friendly teak plantation in Java Indonesia, a country long known and famous for its high-quality teak wood! The table is beautiful and is 8 ft. In length and three ft. Wide.The wood has amazing patina lines throughout the planks which compliment its rich golden color! This Java teak table has been one of my best sellers along with my teak dinette tables from Thailand. The table is very simple and Zen while not losing its elegance! Grab this final table before it’s gone, there won’t be anymore sourced by me! The legs which can be viewed in the photos are removable for easy shipping.

Price is: $2,350 firm.