Thai Antique Sticky Rice Bowls

Thai Sticky Rice Bowls from northern Thailand –these gems are made from teak and other rare hand-carved hardwoods. They were mainly used to roll up sticky rice balls wrapped in fresh banana leaves by Thai rice farmers in northeast Thailand before heading out into the rice fields each day for a long days work! Alternatively, the bowls were also used to dry various herbs and spices in the sun by day, especially the many varieties of hot chili peppers used by Thai people extensively in their famous spicy Thai cooking!! Every bowl is unique and different, come in various shapes, sizes, and is 80-100 years old.

Most have handles on them; therefore they can be easily hung with string on the wall as a decorative piece, or better yet, put in the middle of dinette tables for condiments or fruit/veggie baskets. They could also be used by the front or back door on an end table for keys, or other misc. household items!! They are rare because there are only a few bowls left in Thailand, especially ones in decent condition; so I grabbed up over 80 of them about 4 years ago when they were still somewhat plentiful!

There are roughly 40 bowls now available.Regular size bowls are priced at $175.00 each——larger sized or more elaborate bowls are priced at $200.00 each—-shipping via FedEx is cheap, safe,easy+quick —

–please contact me for more photos or with specific questions about the remaining available bowls!!!!many updated new photos of available bowls coming in summer of 2014!!! these bowls continue to be great sellers and have become quite scarce and expensive in Thailand!!! please inquire if u want more pics or more info on these now rare and quite hard to find sticky rice bowls from northern Thailand—–all of which were hand picked by me in 2007, and in mint condition—good luck finding bowls like these in this condition anywhere for this price!!!!